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Empowering People - Singles, couples and families coaching

Are you ready to feel more connected?

It may sound like hogwash, but the truth is in the pudding. Our bodies are designed to be connected. And our brain is a powerful tool to reach our ultimate goals. But sometimes we need some personal coaching or help to realise this potential.

By being more connected to the present day, living – not only doing – we can achieve things we never thought was possible. Empowering People can help you with exactly that.


Why connection is important?

Do you experience any of these emotions or feelings in your life or relationship?

  • Feeling stressed or letdown
  • Avoiding people or public events
  • Uncertain about what the future brings
  • Dissatisfied with your position in life
  • Not able to cope with emotions or people
  • Feel like you’re always fighting with your partner
  • In a relationship, but feel disconnected

Any of these signs or more could be a sign you’ve lost connection with you. And if you’re a couple or family – you may need to do this together. We at Empowering People can help you.


How I can help?

Unlike others out there, we take a no nonsense approach when it comes to improving your connection with the present day.

No hyperbole. No bullshit. The information and help you need to get back on track with your life or with your relationship.

Empowering People offers personal coaching and workshops for individual, couples and families.


What level of connection are you looking to improve?


Couples coaching - Empowering People personal couple coaching Melbourne


Families coaching Melbourne - Personal family coaching and support services


Who am I?

You may be wondering what miracle worker is behind Empowering People and how on earth such a miracle worker could exist? You’re right to question, it is human nature after all.

Caterina Dornbrach is the founder of Empowering People. Caterina is a passionate, confident and an infectious woman. She supports, guides and educates others to understand the effect their blueprint has on their adult life. She facilitates individuals to become the best version of themselves before they can work on rebuilding their life, relationships or marriage. She is in a flourishing relationship and has been a relationship and personal coach since 2012. Caterina continuously invests in learning and gaining new skills as she believes it keeps her growing and also aids her in developing programs.

With many years of experience in coaching, guidance and support – Caterina can help you better connect as an individual or within your relationships.


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