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Are you at a point in your relationship where you no longer feel you can communicate with your partner without it turning into an argument, you may feel hurt, not heard, alone, angry, disconnected or even quite frustrated?

It’s really hard when you feel one or all of the above emotions to really work together to get your relationship back on track, especially with no outside support, that’s where Empower Couples excels!

Believe me your not alone, so many couples at some stage in their relationship find themselves in the same situation. It’s not surprising really considering none of us were taught how to share our lives full time with someone, all we know is what we learnt from our parents and environment.

My husband and I have been in a committed relationship for 10 years and not had one argument. Now I’m not saying that there has not been occasions where we have a difference of opinion. However because every thought and action we do is with the other in mind (TOTAL RESPECT), and it’s #1 priority, we always hear and understand how the other is feeling. Scheduling a later time to discuss the matter so we can both be present, calm and respectful is WHY it works!

We are here to support you so you can work through the hurdles in your relationship, learn how to effectively communicate so you can have what we have with very little effort. We teach you to understand, how each other is feeling, listen so your partner feels heard, understand the importance of quality time together and so much more.



What If

You could understand the differences between men and women, this alone is often the cause of disharmony within relationships.

Do you ask yourself why is it he/she does things a certain way? Or you just want to be comforted, however he goes into fix it mode?


You see men and women are wired differently, so in essence we speak a different language, we think differently, react differently and are different in so many other ways.

Remember relationship skills and learning to understand about the opposite sex is something we did not learn at school.



Empower Couples supports, guides and educates couples on the importance of building a strong relationship foundation in the beginning of their relationship.

We believe that in order to sustain a loving and happy marriage throughout the years, you must first gain the five core relationship fundamental skills of the Infinite Ring. Empower Couples provides a range of services, which include pre-marital one-on-one coaching, personal coaching, as well as couples relationship workshops.

Couples must be 100 percent committed to each other and want to create new relationship habits, not the ones you may have gained from a blueprint. Invest in your marriage now! Contact Empower Couples to ensure you’re prepared for any future hurdles your relationship may face.

Caterina’s Success Story

Caterina Dornbrach is a passionate, confident and an infectious woman. She supports, guides and educates others to understand the effect their blueprint has on their adult life. She facilitates individuals to become the best version of themselves before they can work on rebuilding their relationship or marriage. She is in a flourishing relationship and has been a relationship and personal coach since 2012. Caterina continuously invests in learning and gaining new skills as she believes it keeps her growing and also aids her in developing programs.

She is the owner of Empower Couples, a company dedicated to supporting and educating individuals with relationships, marriage and personal hurdles. . She provides relationship coaching, guidance and support to build a solid foundation in order to live your dream relationship.